12 CAN FD to PCIe interface – TP1018

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TP1018 is a 12-way CANFD bus PCIe interface device launched by TOSUN, the highest rate of 8 Mbps, Windows system drive-free design makes the device have excellent system compatibility.


English version


English version

TP1018 is a device featuring a 12 channel CAN FD bus to PCIe interface; it easily handles tasks such as CAN FD/CAN network development, simulation, and testing.

The TP1018 interface card allows computers with PCIe slots to conveniently connect to CAN/CAN FD bus networks, monitoring multiple bus networks in real-time. It is compact in size and can be easily integrated into onboard industrial control computers, single-board computers (SBCs), portable industrial host machines, and industrial laptops. It’s easy to install and use.

When paired with the powerful TSMaster software, it offers convenient monitoring, analysis, and simulation of CAN FD
bus data. It also supports functionalities like UDS diagnostics, ECU flashing, and CCP/XCP calibration.

Its secondary development API supports various development environments such as C++, C#, LabView, Python, making it convenient to integrate into various testing systems while being efficient and user-friendly.

  • Hardware-level message timestamping in microseconds, meeting advanced requirements
  • Windows/Linux system plug-and-play design, ensuring system compatibility
  • Due to system limitations in Linux, it cannot run all channels at full load
  • Standard PCIe x1 interface
  • Number of channels: 12-channel isolated CAN FD interface, offering standard DB-9 connectors via adapter cables
  • CAN channel isolation up to DC 2500V
  • Automotive-grade design, supporting DBC, A2L, BLF, ASC, and ARXML files
  • Supports BLF and ASC format data recording and offline/online playback
  • Supports UDS diagnostics and CCP/XCP calibration
  • Supports UDS-based Flash Bootloader
  • Supplementary secondary development APIs for
  • Windows and Linux systems
  • Can load all paid licenses for TSMaster software
  • Autonomous driving data collection
  • Various automated testing systems
  • ECU flashing

12 * CAN FD

PC End

Standard PCIe interface


Driverless design for Windows and Linux systems, ensuring system compatibility


Each channel supports a transmit buffer of up to 1000 CAN frames


Supports CAN2.0A/B protocols, complying with ISO11898-1 standard, with a baud rate of 5Kbps—1Mbps


Supports ISO and non-ISO standards of CAN FD, with a baud rate of 100Kbps—8Mbps

Time stamp accuracy

1 s hardware message timestamp

Terminal Resistor

Built-in 120-ohm terminal resistor configurable via software

Messages received per second

Maximum of 20,000 frames per second (sent and received)

Messages sent per second

Maximum of 20,000 frames per second (sent and received)


CAN channel isolation up to DC 2500V

Power supply




Operating temperature

-40°C to 70°C

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