About TOSUN Technology

TOSUN Technology was founded by a group of experienced individuals with a strong background in automotive technology. With over a decade of collaboration, we have developed extensive expertise in the automotive electronics sector. Our collective knowledge and dedication have positioned TOSUN Technology as a new force player in the automotive industry.
About TOSUN Technology

What Do WE Do?

The goal has always been to develop innovative and costeffective solutions for engineers around the world. We believe that our expertise in automotive electronic toolchain products can make a real difference in the industry by enabling engineers to work more efficiently and effectively.

Our Mission

Dedicated to reducing costs and increasing efficiency for our users.
And accelerate the progress of hardware and software decoupling in the market!


The founders of TOSUN tec,
CEO Mang ,
Chief Scientist Dr. Liu ,
CTO Dr. Xie.

They are working partners and classmates for many years and founded the company in 2017.
We spent at least 3 years of building a platform called TSMaster. It is released it in 2020. Allow users to test, analyze, and simulate for buses including LIN, CAN, CANFD, FlexRay and Ethernet.

founders: CEO Mang , CTO Dr. Liu ,and COO Dr. Xie.

Chu Liu


Mang Mo


YueYin Xie


Grow Your Knowledge & Stay Ahead Of Your Competitors.
Looking for partner area :
Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia Japan, South Korea

Engineer Everything!

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