Experience seamless plug-and-play, advanced isolation, and customizable resistance.
Tailored interfaces, innovative solutions. One-year global warranty for hardware reliability.

Features of 5 TOSUN Hardware Products

Precision Beyond Comparison

1µs precision in data transmission. Carefully designed buffers ensure data integrity for an optimal user experience.

Seamless Plug-and-Play

Plug-and-play design, no drivers needed. Seamlessly integrates with Windows for an intuitive user experience, saving time and effort.

Advanced Isolation and Protection

2500V isolation per channel. Electrostatic protection up to 8000 volts ensures robust hardware performance in diverse environments.

Programmable Resistance

Flexible resistance settings in software: enable or disable hardware resistance based on needs. Example: CAN with 120 ohms, FlexRay with 100 ohms.

Hardware Interface Support

In addition to our multi-channel CAN-to-USB solution, we offer various options, including PCIe and mini PCIe, to meet your unique requirements.
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