TSMaster-Multiple devices


Simulation Analysis of Automotive Buses and ECUs

The built-in function of TSMaster supports user-defined test panels, test processes, test logic, test systems, and automated report generation. Each line of code written by the user based on TSMaster has independence, shareability, citation, and cross-hardware platform compatibility.


It supports Matlab Simulink co-simulation and co-operates with Carsim to complete ECU algorithm simulation tests with vehicle dynamic models (soft real-time HIL). TSMaster also supports Vector, Kvaser PEAK, ICS, ZLG bus tools, as well as mainstream instruments (oscilloscopes, waveform generators, digital multimeters), and boards(Alz DI, DO, etc.). It can apply with multi-hardware, multi-channel, co-simulation and testing.

90% of TSMaster features are free to use.
No annual fees cost on specific features.
TSMaster Analysis Function

Analysis Function

Unleash Comprehensive Analytical Power

TSMaster takes automotive software to the next level by offering an array of advanced analytical functionalities. Our platform allows you to seamlessly connect, configure, and control a diverse range of hardware tools and devices.

Simulation Tools

Unleash Dynamic Simulation Power

TSMaster simulation function can parse multi-bus simulation such as CAN, LIN, FlexRay, etc., as well as ECU code simulation with the help of soft HIL function, and the built-in Panel function of TSMaster can associate bus signals in the panel for graphical display.
TSMaster Simulation Tools

Diagnostic: UDS

Cutting-edge Diagnostic Solutions

Diagnosis is an important function of an automotive ECU. While the vehicle is in operation, sensors located throughout the vehicle can track multiple faults that can occur at any time in the vehicle’s electrical or electronic system. The TOSUN tool chain assists users to conveniently develop, verify and flash the UDS protocol based on fault diagnosis related functions.
TSMaster Diagnostic: UDS

Calibration: CCP/XCP

Master Calibration Functions with Precision Using TSMaster

Automotive calibration functions are a technique used in automotive ECU development and diagnostics to optimize vehicle performance and functionality by adjusting ECU parameters and calibration values.CCP and XCP are common communication protocols used to communicate with ECUs, read and modify parameters. These techniques and tools enable vehicle manufacturers and engineers to perform better vehicle commissioning and calibration work.
TSMaster Calibration: CCP/XCP

TSMaster is a powerful tool that supports the testing phase on the right side of the v-model.

Beyond traditional unit, integration, and system testing, TSMaster extends to a broader range of areas, including ECU code generation, model-in-the-loop testing, software-in-the-loop testing, hardware-in-the-loop testing, vehi-cle-in-the-loop testing, and even road testing.

This means that TSMaster not only provides support during the development phase but also
strengthens the implementation of the v-model during the testing phase, ensuring comprehensive performance and reliability validation of the system and ultimately achieving the delivery of a high-quality software system.

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