1 CANFD and 1 LIN to USB – TC1012P

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TC1012P is a portable, easy to install 1 CANFD / 1 LIN bus to USB interface device launched by TOSUN. CANFD bus rate supports up to 8M bps, LIN bus equipment support rate 0 ~ 20 Kbps, the product adopts high-speed USB2.0 interface and PC connection, Windows system drive-free design makes the device have excellent system compatibility.


English version


English version

1 CANFD and 1 LIN to USB 2.0 adapter with internal power supply for LIN master node. Maxmum voltage is 12V.

With the powerful TSMaster software, it supports loading DBC and ARXML database files, which can easily monitor, analyze, simulate CAN FD / LIN bus data, and can also support UDS diagnosis, ECU brushing, CCP / XCP calibration and other functions.

Can be used for the secondary development API of Windows and Linux, can support various development environments, such as C + +, C #, LabView, Python, etc., convenient integration into various test systems, efficient and easy to use.

  • us(microsecond) level hardware message timestamp to meet higher order requirements.
  • High-speed USB2.0 interface, Windows, Linux system drive-free design, with excellent system compatibility.
  • CAN channel DC2500V sequestration.
  • Automotive grade design, support LDF, dbc file, a2l file, blf file, asc file, arxml file.
  • CAN channel port rate 125 Kbps- -1Mbps tunable.
  • The LIN bus master and slave nodes can be software configured.
  • Support for blf, asc format data recording and offline / online playback.
  • UDS diagnosis and CCP and XCP calibration can be supported.
  • Support for the UDS-based Flash Bootloader.
  • Support for information security testing.
  • Support Windows, Linux system secondary development interface.
  • Built-in 120 euro terminal resistance can be used in software configuration.
  • Loadable TSMaster software all charge license
TC1012P pin img
Note: Pin PIN 2 is low CAN, and pin PIN 7 is high CAN, which is consistent with the international standard.
  • Vehicle CAN FD / CAN / LIN bus data collection
  • Domain Controller Test
  • Various automated test systems

1 * CAN FD / 1 *LIN

PC terminal interface

High-speed of USB2.0

The CAN / LIN terminal interface



Windows, Linux system free drive design, with excellent system compatibility


Hardware cache, each channel sends buffer support to 1000 frames CAN / CANFD


Support CAN2.0A, B protocol, comply with ISO11898-1 specification, port rate 125 Kbps- -1Mbps


Support for ISO and non-ISO standard CAN FD, port rate 125 Kbps–8Mbps


Support LIN 1.3 and 2.0, Porter rate 0- -20 Kbps

dispatch list

Support LDF files and run the schedule, or you can configure the schedule yourself

Time stamp accuracy

1us, the hardware message timestamp, to meet the high-order requirements

terminal resistance

Built-in 120 euro terminal resistance can be used in software configuration

Send a message per second *

Maximum of 20,000 frames / s

Receipt of message messages per second *

Maximum of 20,000 frames / s


Single-channel 1Mbps, 0-byte data domain case


CAN channel DC 2500V isolation, electrostatic grade contact discharge ±8KV

supply electricity

USB supply electricity

Case material


working temperature


Working humidity

10% ~ 90% (no condensation)

work environment

Stay away from the corrosive gases

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