4 CAN FD, 2 LIN bus datalogger typical application – Tlog1004

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TLog1004 is a multi-channel CAN FD bus and LIN bus interface logger device. It supports a maximum CAN FD bus rate of 8 Mbps and LIN bus rates from 0 to 200 kbps. The device is equipped with 3 digital inputs and 2 digital outputs, facilitating various signal measurements and system integration. It connects to a PC via a high-speed USB 2.0 interface and has built-in 64GB storage capacity.


English version


English version

The driver-free design ensures system compatibility with Windows. Optional bus analyzer functionality is available. When activated, the device can function as a 4 CAN FD and 2 L I N bus analyzer in conjunction with TSMaster software. It supports loading DBC and ARXML data base f i l e s for convenient monitoring, analysis, and simulation of CAN bus data, as well as ECU flashing. Activation of features such as UDS diagnostics, CCP/XCP calibration, and more is also possible.

The device supports secondary development APIs for Windows and Linux, compatible with various devel opment environments such as C++, C#, LabView,Py thon, etc., making it easy to integrate into various testing systems. It is efficient and user-friendly.

  • Supports both ISO and non-ISO standard CAN FD Baud rates from 100 Kbps to 8 Mbps
  • Internal real-time clock
  • Built-in GPS, or external GPS synchronization
  • 64GB eMMC storage built-in
  • LED lights display communication status
  • Configurable triggering methods
  • Data exportable to PC via USB
  • Direct export in BLF format
  • Exported BLF files can be replayed directly in TSMaster software
TC1013 TC1014 TC1016/TC1016P TC1034 TLog1002 TLog1004 LIN


TC1013 TC1014 TC1016/TC1016P TC1034 TLog1002 TLog1004 LIN
TC1026/TC1026P_LIN, TC1034, TLog1002_LIN, TLog1004 pin img
  • Road experiment data collection
  • Suitable for Automotive Testing in High Temperature, High Pressure, and High Altitude Conditions
  • Bench test, and calibration
PC End

High-speed USB 2.0 interface


DB9 interface (partially other interfaces)


Windows system plug-and-play design, excellent system compatibility, also supports Linux

Secondary Development*

Supports Python, LabView, C#, C++, etc., with provided examples for some


Single : Upon choosing to activate the bus analyzer function, support will be enabled


Each channel supports a transmit buffer of up to 1000 CAN frames


Supports CAN 2.0A, B protocols, complies with ISO 11898-1 standard, baud rates from 5 Kbps to 1 Mbps


Supports both ISO and non-ISO standard CAN FD, baud rates from 100 Kbps to 8 Mbps

Digital Input

Sampling frequency of 1 KHz

Digital Output

Output frequency of 1 KHz

Timestamp Precision

1μs hardware timestamp accuracy


Channel DC 2500V isolation, electrostatic discharge contact discharge ±8KV

Terminal Resistance

CAN built-in 120-ohm terminal resistor, software configurable

Power Supply

USB-powered for use as an analyzer, DC 9-36V for use as a recorder

Operating Temperature

-40℃ to 85℃

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