1 CANFD and 1 LIN to USB – TC1012

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TC1012 is a portable single channel high-speed CAN (FD) and LIN bus interface for high-speed USB2.0,CAN (FD) bit rates up to 8Mbit/s and LIN bit rates 0-20Kbit/s. The driver-free design of Windows system makes the device have excellent system compatibility.


English version


English version

The LIN channel require external power supply, maximum voltage is 24V.

TC1012 is a portable, easy to install 1 CANFD / 1 LIN bus to USB interface device launched by TOSUN. CANFD bus rate supports up to 8M bps, LIN bus equipment support rate 0 ~ 20 Kbps, the product adopts high-speed USB2.0 interface and PC connection, Windows system drive-free design makes the device have excellent system compatibility

With the powerful TSMaster software, it supports loading DBC and ARXML database files, which can easily monitor, analyze, simulate CAN FD / LIN bus data, and can also support UDS diagnosis, ECU brushing, CCP / XCP calibration and other functions.

Can be used for the secondary development API of Windows and Linux, can support various development environments, such as C + +, C #, LabView, Python, etc., convenient integration into various test systems, efficient and easy to use.

  • us (microsecond) level hardware message timestamp to meet higher order requirements.
  • High-speed USB2.0 interface, Windows, Linux system drive-free design, with excellent system compatibility.
  • CAN channel DC2500V sequestration.
  • Automotive grade design, support LDF, dbc file, a2l file, blf file, asc file, arxml file.
  • CAN channel port rate 125 Kbps- -1Mbps tunable.
  • The LIN bus master and slave nodes can be software configured.
  • Support for blf, asc format data recording and offline / online playback.
  • UDS diagnosis and CCP and XCP calibration can be supported.
  • Support for the UDS-based Flash Bootloader.
  • Support for information security testing.
  • Support Windows, Linux system secondary development interface.
  • Built-in 120 euro terminal resistance can be used in software configuration.
  • Loadable TSMaster software all charge license
TC1012 pin img
Note: Pin PIN 2 is low CAN, and pin PIN 7 is high CAN, which is consistent with the international standard.
  • Vehicle CAN FD / CAN / LIN bus data collection
  • Domain Controller Test
  • Various automated test systems

1 *CAN FD / 1 * LIN

PC terminal interface

High-speed of USB2.0

The CAN / LIN terminal interface



Windows, Linux system free drive free design, with excellent system compatibility


Hardware cache, each channel sends buffer support to 1000 frames CAN / CANFD


Support CAN2.0A, B protocol, comply with ISO11898-1 specification, port rate 125 Kbps- -1Mbps


Support for ISO and non-ISO standard CAN FD, port rate 125 Kbps–8Mbps


Support LIN 1.3 and 2.0, baud rate 0- -20 Kbps

dispatch list

Support LDF files and run the schedule, or you can configure the schedule yourself

Time stamp accuracy

1us, the hardware message timestamp, to meet the high-order requirements

terminal resistance

Built-in 120 euro terminal resistance can be used in software configuration

Send a message per second *

Maximum of 20,000 frames / s

Receipt of message messages per second *

Maximum of 20,000 frames / s


Single-channel 1Mbps, 0-byte data domain case


CAN channel DC 2500V isolation, electrostatic grade contact discharge ±8KV

supply electricity

USB power supply, LIN communication needs external power supply

Case material


working temperature


Working humidity

10% ~ 90% (no condensation)

work environment

Stay away from the corrosive gases

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