2 CAN FD gateways/routers – GW2112

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GW2112 is a CAN/CAN FD relay and message forwarding device, boosting bus load capacity and extending communication distance. It supports different baud rates of CAN/CAN FD networks and facilitates conversion between them.

With two configurable CAN/CAN FD interfaces, it supports both ISO standard CAN FD and non-ISO CAN FD standards. Users can freely configure the behavior and data routing between its two CAN FD channels.

GW2112 enables configuring basic information for the two CAN ports, The Pro version prioritizing security features like message and configuration encryption for user information security.

Users can set conversion rules via TSMaster software and download them to the device via USB. GW2112 stores configured rules persistently, ensuring retention even after power loss.

Each interface is equipped with independent 2500VDC electrical isolation protection circuits, enhancing system reliability in harsh environments.

  • Two completely electrically isolated CAN(FD) channels, configurable as CAN or CAN FD
  • Support for CAN 2.0A, 2.0B protocols, compliant with ISO 11898-1 standard
  • Support for both ISO standard CAN FD and non-ISO CAN FD standards
  • Software-configurable message forwarding relationships, including ID conversion and various data mappings
  • Two LED indicators for displaying status information
  • DC 2500V isolation for CAN channels
  • Independent software-configurable baud rates on both ends, ranging from 125k to 8Mbps
  • When used as a relay, CAN/FD single-frame standard frame rate can reach up to 10,000 frames per second

CAN FD 1 / 2

  • Connect CAN bus devices to CAN FD networks
  • Connect CAN FD bus devices to CAN networks
  • Connect two segments of CAN/CAN FD networks with different baud rates
  • Serve as a device isolating two network segments, achieving data filtering and conversion
  • Act as a repeater to increase node load and extend communication distances

2 * CAN FD

PC terminal interface



It supports CAN2.0A and B protocols, conforms to the ISO11898-1 specification, and has a baud rate of 125Kbps-1Mbps


Support ISO and non-ISO standard CAN FD, baud rate 125Kbps-8Mbps

Termination Resistors

Built-in 120 Ohm terminal resistor is configurable by software

Packet forwarding capability

11,000 frames/sec (per channel)

Forwarding delay



CAN channel DC2500V isolation

Power supply

DC 8-36V



Enclosure Material


working temperature


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