100/1000Base-Tx/T/T1 Interface Tool – TE1051

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TE1051 is a tool with a 1-channel Ethernet-to-USB interface. Users can transfer data from a standard Ethernet mode (100Base-Tx, 1000Base-T), or vehicle Ethernet mode (100/1000Base-T1), via the USB interface to a PC.


English version


English version

Through the TSMaster software, Ethernet data emulation, analysis, and testing can be performed. It also enables functionalities like DoIP, SOMEIP, and more.
TE1051 is compact, robust in design, requires no external power supply, and is user-friendly.


  • Hardware packet timestamping at the hundred-microsecond (µs) level
  • Plug-and-play design for Windows 10/11 systems, driver installation required for Win7
  • 1 channel support for 100Base-Tx, 1000Base-T, 100/1000Base-T1, switchable via software at any time
  • Vehicle Ethernet interfaces: TE MATEnet and Rosenberger H-MTD
  • LED indicators displaying vehicle/standard Ethernet operational status
  • LED indicators showing system status, including rate, master/slave, and USB status
  • Automotive-grade design, ARXML file support for parsing vehicle Ethernet messages in TSMaster
  • Support for DoIP and SOMEIP protocols
  • Supplementary Windows API interface for secondary development, supporting Ethernet packet RAW format reception, transmission with timestamps, transmission completion events, and CRC modification
  • Provides TCP/IP example projects based on API interfaces and lwIP protocol stack, facilitating secondary development
  • Loopback maximum rate approximately 7 Mbyte (full-duplex)
  • Operating temperature range: -40°C to 80°C
  • Product dimensions: Aluminum alloy shell measuring 110X70X36 mm
  • Vehicle Ethernet Remaining Bus Simulation
  • Vehicle Ethernet Data Monitoring and Analysis
  • Vehicle Ethernet Communication Testing

Standard Ethernet 100Base-Tx, 1000Base-T, or vehicle Ethernet 100/1000Base-T1

PC Interface

USB 2.0

Ethernet Interface

RJ45 with TE MATEnet or Rosenberger H-MTD


Plug-and-play design for Windows 10/11 systems; driver installation required for Win7

Timestamp Precision

Hardware packet timestamping at the hundred-microsecond (µs) level

Isolation Method

Network transformer/capacitor isolation

Power Supply


Operating Temperature

-40°C to 80°C

Enclosure Material




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