100/1000Base-T1 Media Converter – TE1021

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TE1021 is a media converter that converts one channel of in-vehicle Ethernet to regular Ethernet interface (100/1000Base-T1 to 100Base-Tx/1000Base-T). Users can convert either 100Base-T1 to 100Base-Tx or 1000Base-T1 to 1000Base-T.


English version


English version

TE1021 is a point-to-point conversion tool from 100 / 1000Base-T1 Automotive Ethernet to 100 / 1000 Base-TX Ordinary Ethernet. We provide supporting cables with D-SUB 9 automotive Ethernet interface and RJ-45 crystal head interface for convenient ECU with A PC connection with a car Ethernet interface.

TE1021 Select main or slave mode by buttons, and Ethernet data will be converted lossless between vehicle Ethernet and 100 / 1000Base-TX Ethernet communication. Data transmission is full-duplex in both directions. The mode configuration can simply complete the DIP switch.

TE1021 Will be the ideal low-cost converter tool between the 100 / 1000Base-T1
Automotive Ethernet and PC systems. Suitable for R & D personnel, ECU production line, test engineers, after-sales engineers, etc.


  • 2 types of in-vehicle Ethernet interfaces available for selection: TE MATEnet or Rosenberger H-MTD
  • LED display for in-vehicle Ethernet operational status
  • LED display for system operational status
  • Supports traditional Ethernet RJ45 interfaces with indicator lights
  • Master-slave configuration via 2-position DIP switch
  • Switch between gigabit and megabit using a 2-position DIP switch
  • Operating Voltage: DC: 9-36V (Phoenix terminal powered)
  • Message forwarding delay time (for reference only):
    100M: 2.3us
    1000M: 5.3us
  • Operating temperature range: -45℃ to 85℃
  • Product Dimensions: Aluminum alloy shell, size 110X70X36 mm
  • Vehicle Ethernet Communication Development
  • Vehicle Ethernet Communication Testing
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