8 CAN FD to USB interface – TC1017

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TC1017 is a device featuring an 8 channel CAN FD bus to USB interface, adeptly handling tasks related to CAN FD/CAN network development, simulation,and testing.


English version


English version

Paired with the robust TSMaster software, it supports the loading of DBC and ARXML data base files, facilitating convenient monitoring, analysis, and simulation of CAN FD bus data. Additionally, it supports functionalities such as UDS diagnostics, ECU flashing, CCP/XCP calibration, among others.
This device provides secondary development APIs for Windows and Linux systems, supporting various development environments like C++, C#, LabView, Python, etc. This versatility allows for easy integration into diverse testing systems, ensuring efficiency and

  • Microsecond-level hardware message timestamp, meeting advanced requirements
  • Driverless design for Windows system, boasting exceptional system compatibility
  • Channel count: 8 channel isolated CAN FD interface
    (USB-powered for 4 channel transmission and reception; 8-channel functionality is limited to reception only with USB power; under external power, complete functionality for 8 channels is supported). Standard DB-9 connectors provided via adapter cables
  • CAN channel isolation up to DC2500V
  • Automotive-grade design, supporting DBC, A2L, ASC, and ARXML file formats
  • Support for recording data in BLF and ASC formats, enabling offline/online playback
  • Capable of UDS diagnostics and CCP/XCP calibration
  • Supports UDS-based Flash Bootloader
  • Supplementary secondary development API interfaces for Windows and Linux systems
  • Capable of loading all paid licenses for TSMaster
  • Potential future support for offline gateway usage (currently not supported, a feature for future expansion)
TC1017 pin
  • Whole vehicle multi-channel CAN FD/CAN/LIN bus data acquisition
  • Domain controller testing
  • Various automated testing systems

8 x CAN FD

PC terminal interface

USB 2.0

CAN terminal interface

DB37, with a cable that converts DB37 to 8 DB9 interfaces


Driverless design for Windows and Linux systems, ensuring system compatibility


Each channel supports a transmit buffer of up to 700 CAN FD@64 bytes


Supports CAN 2.0A, B protocols, compliant with ISO11898-1 standard, baud rate from 5Kbps to 1Mbps


Supports both ISO and non-ISO standard CAN FD, baud rates from 100Kbps to 8Mbps

Timestamp Precision

1μs hardware message timestamp

Termination Resistor

Built-in 120 ohm termination resistor configurable via software

Messages sent per second

Maximum of 17,000 frames/second

Messages received per secondIso

Maximum of 17,000 frames/second


CAN channel DC2500V isolation, electrostatic discharge level of ±8KV for contact discharge

Power Supply

DC 7-18V

Operating Temperature

40°C to 85°C

Enclosure Material




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